Invited lectures, attended and visited conferences, seminars, workshops

-  March 2023, Brussels, VUB urban history seminar series, ‘‘Common good, common cities, common trust? The forms and functions of generalized trust in premodern urban Europe.’: expanded (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, invited lecture)

- January 2023, Oxford, Trust in the Premodern World, Interdisciplinary Conference ‘‘Common good, common cities, common trust?
The forms and functions of generalized trust in premodern urban Europe.’
(J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, keynote)

- October 2022, Münster, conference on Legal pluralism in northern Europe,  ‘The Trouble with Legal Pluralism: the Case of Danzig (1466-1570)’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation )

- October 2022, Kraków, International Congress of Polish History, ‘The layers of identification in Gdańsk/Danzig in the 1460s-1560s: foreign merchants, sailors and craftsmen (and their wives).’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- September 2022, Antwerp, Urban History Conference, 'Merchants’ Marks and a Database: Reconstructing Premodern Urban Connections’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, co-organization of session on urban iconography, presentation of paper)

- July 2022, Paris, WEHC 2022, ‘‘Your humble orator': Hanseatic merchants managing trade conflicts in the courts of England and Flanders (15th-16th c.)’, (E. Zoomer, presentation) (

- June 2022, History in conflict webinar: the modern edition (organisaation: project members)

- June 2022, Gdańsk, Uphagen Museum, 'Gdańsk i sekret siedmiu statków w XVI wieku (…oraz XXI). Konflikty, źródła, odkrycia.' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, public lecture)

- May 2022, Early Career Symposium: Hansards in the World, University of Amsterdam, '"Because time has been very short, I have achieved only one thing": Time and Money in Hanseatic Diplomacy' (A. Collin, presentation and co-organization of the symposium)

- May 2022, Cambridge, ‘Identity Abroad Workshop’, ‘Those Residing Within the Steelyard: The Perception and Regulation of a Hanseatic Mercantile Identity in 15th-century
London’ (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- April 2022, London, Institute of  Historical Research, School of Advances Study University of London, Medieval and Tudor London, 'Merchants’ Letters between London, Antwerp, and Lübeck in 1533. (and some merchants’ marks, too)' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, invited lecture)

- January 2022, History in conflict webinar: the early modern edition (organisation: project members)

- January 2022, online conference Identity Abroad in Central and Late Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean, ‘Those residing in the Steelyard: the Perception and Regulation of a Hanseatic Mercantile Identity in 15th-century London’ (E. Zoomer, presentation) (

- December 2021, nodegoat workshop UVA ARTES 'Thinking like a database', 'Premodern conflict management and merchants' marks databases: a comparison' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- November 2021, Magdeburg, hybrid Tagung Hansischer Geschichtsverein ‘Hansische und preussische Tagfahrten: Konfliktbewältigung, Geheimhaltung und Räumlichkeit vom 14. bis zum 16. Jahrhundert.’  (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- November 2021, European Hanse Museum in Luebeck, 'Schreiber im Streit. Ratssekretäre als Akteure städtischer Konfliktführung im Ostseeraum (1470-1540)', see also the recording (C. Manger, presentation)

- November 2021, University of Bergen hybrid conference, Faculty of Law and Institute for History, ‘The policy and the practice of conflict management in the Hanse. Sources and interpretations the Danzig case as a point of departure.’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- October 2021, Cambridge/DAAD German History Workshop, University of Cambridge, 'Information and Knowledge in a Hanseatic Urban Government’ (A. Collin, presentation)

- October 2021, Belgian-British webinar series, Queen Mary’s/ University of Ghent ‘Between Antwerp, London and Lübeck. Merchants’ letters and merchants’ marks in 1533’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- September 2021, The Making of the Humanities Conference, University of Barcleona, ‘Localism and Universality: Trends in Education and Intellectual Culture in the Early Modern Republic of Bremen,’ (A. Collin, presentation)

- September 2021, workshop ‘Index Librorum Civitatum’, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg,  ‘So hätte es doch durch seine Hände gehen müssen.’ – Ratssekretäre als Akteure städtischer Konfliktführung im spätmittelalterlichen Baltikum’ (C. Manger, presentation)

- September 2021, Cambridge university online conference 'Communities and Networks in Late Medieval Europe', 'Merchants' Marks in Premodern Northern Europe: Communicating Networks (J.Wubs-Mrozewicz, one of the keynotes)

- July 2021, IMC Leeds ‘Managing Urban Conflicts over Distance: The Cases of Late Medieval Lübeck, Reval, and Stockholm’ (C. Manger, presentation)

- July 2021, IMC Leeds 'Mobility and  Higher Education in the Cities of the Holy Roman Empire' (A. Collin, presentation)

- June 2021, History in conflict webinar: the medieval edition (organisaation: project members)

- June 2021, History in conflict webinar, War, money, language' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- June 2021, Scientiae Conference, University of Amsterdam, “Professional Transitions and Practices of Knowledge Formation: Henry Oldenburg as Teacher, Diplomat, and Scientist” (A. Collin, presentation)

- June 2021 Graduate Conference for Intellectual History, European University Institute,'History and Bounded Rationality: an Invitation Unanswered?' (A. Collin, presentation)

- June 2021 ACUH seminar series paper‘Councils and Kontore: Managing Hanseatic Conflicts from London to Tallinn in the Late Middle Ages’ at the ACUH-Seminar (presentation: E. Zoomer and C. Manger)

- May 2021, N.W.Posthumus Institute Conference, “In Search of Knowledge: How Early Modern Magistrates Pursued Information, Education, and the Limits of Knowledge” (A. Collin, presentation)

- May 2021, guest lecture, University of Rostock, ‘Politik auf Gegenseitigkeit – Der städtische Rat als Institution der Konfliktführung im spätmittelalterlichen Baltikum' (C. Manger, presentation)

- May 2021, UvA online-workshop ‘Social, Legal and Emotional Aspects of Conflicts in Western Europe, 1300-1600.’ papers: 'Trust Issues: Reputation in Conflicts around Trade and Debt in Northern European Cities (c.1400-1550)’ (C. Manger, presentation)

- April 2021: CREMS postgraduate forum of the University of York ‘Division, Dispute and Debate in the Early Modern World, 1500-1750.’, paper: ‘The Competing Identities of Hanseatic City Councils: Managing Inter-Urban Conflicts in 16th Century Reval (Tallinn)’; (C. Manger, presentation),-debate-and-dispute/

- April 2021 MECERN paper: 'The Trader and the Emperor: Networks and Conflict Escalation in Late Medieval Northern Europe' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- March 2021, Frontier Research in Economic and Social History Seminar, University of Zurich, “Setting Standards: Portraiture, Elite Living Standards, and Economic Development in the Hanse” (A. Collin, presentation)

- March 2021, The Rise of Education in Historical Perspective, University of Groningen, “Hanseatic Education: From Medieval Merchants to Enlightenment Bourgeoisie” (A. Collin, presentation)

- March 2021, ESSHC, 'Agency, Mobility and Diplomacy: Hanseatic Conflict Managers during the Trade-war with England (c. 1469-1475)' (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- March 2021, ESSHC,'Managing Conflicts in Late Medieval Urban Diplomacy. The Case of Scandinavian-Lübeckish Relations (ca. 1520-1540)' (C. Manger, presentation)

- March 2021, ARTES (University of Amsterdam) online public lecture 'The Hanse in Europe (13th - 21st century):a bridge across times and regions' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- February 2021, Rules and Regulations, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bristol (online); 'Challenging rules of exclusivity and secrecy: the Hanseatic Kontor in London and conflicts related to Hanse membership regulations and economic privileges' (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- November 2020, RiMS Research in Medieval Studies. An International Meeting Series. Production and Commerce in Europe, 1100-1550, Porto, 26-27 November 2020 (zoom); organizers CITCEM, University of Porto, CHSC, University of Coimbra, IEM, FCSH-NOVA University of Lisbon) (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, session chair)

- October 2020, Bucerius Young Scholars Forum, German Historical Institute, “Migration, Knowledge, and Governance in Early Modern Bremen” (A. Collin, presentation)

- September and October 2020, organization of three webinars in cooperation with

- April 2020, MECERN (Medieval Central Europe Research Network) (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, E. Zoomer) (postponed due to Covid-19)

- March 2020, IISG. ESSHC 2020 Leiden, papers: Managing Conflicts in Late Medieval Urban Diplomacy. The Case of Scandinavian-Lübeckish Relations (ca.1520-1540) (C. Manger, presentation); Agency, Mobility and Diplomacy: Hanseatic Conflict Managers during the Trade-war with England (c.1469-1475) (E. Zoomer, presentation) (postponed due to Covid-19)

- February 2020, International Postgraduate Port and Maritime Studies Network, IPPMHC 2020 Belfast, paper: ‘Against any of the said merchants or men of the Hanse’: The Hanseatic merchant community and trading conflicts in late medieval London (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- January 2020, Graduate Conference for Intellectual History, European University Institute, “Acquiring Information, Assembling Knowledge: Vocabularies of Knowledge in the Early Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg” (A. Collin, presentation)

- November 2019, Nájera- Encuentros Internacionales del Medievo, 16th International Meetings of the Middle Ages, Authority, agency and legal representation. The London Kontor and Hanseatic social-political actors involved in early chancery proceedings (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- October 2019, conference University of Cambridge/Fitzwilliam Museum; workshop: ‘New directions for technical art history’; paper: 'Premodern conflict management: sources disclosing connections through space, time and disciplines’ (J.Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- September 2019, University of Bergen/ University Museum of Bergen conference:  Bergen, Hanse und Kirchenkunst – Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte rund um die Nordsee (1150-1550), ‘The art of Hanseatic conflict management’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- August 2019, Europäisches Hansemuseum Lübeck/Universität Kiel, Summerschool: ‘Tagfahrten im Vergleich. Hansetage im Kontext der politisch-kirchlichen Versammlungskulturen der Vormoderne’ (A. Collin, C. Manger, E. Zoomer, presentation)

- May 2019, Leiden University, conference: Conflict management in Atlantic the North Sea and the Baltic, 1200-1600: Actors, Institutions and Practices of Dispute Settlement, ‘Law, diplomacy, blackmail: conflict management in the Hollandish salt ships case in Danzig (1564-1567)’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- March 2019, RSA (the Renaissance Society of America), Annual Meeting 2019 Toronto, conference: ‘Cultures of Bureaucracy’ (E. Zoomer, attendance)

- December 2018, University of Tampere, NOS-HS Workshop “The Hansa in the North”, ‘Conflict Management in the Late Medieval Baltic: The Cases of Lübeck, Stockholm and Reval (Tallinn). Introducing a New Project’ (C. Manger, presentation)

- November 2018, University of Cambridge, core seminar of social and economic history lecture, ‘Conflict management in northern Europe, 1350-1570, presentation of an analytical model and a new research project’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, invited lecture)

- October 2018, Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, Third Conference of New Diplomatic History Network (E. Zoomer, C. Manger, J. Wubs-Mrozewicz attendance)

- October 2018, Bruges, Ad Brudgias Portum. Bruges’ medieval port system as a maritime cultural landscape (E. Zoomer, attendance)

- September 2018, invited lecture on the Hanse for history teachers (250+) (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, public lecture)

- September 2018, European Urban History Conference, ‘Legal Culture in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Town’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, co-chair)

- May 2018, University of Aberdeen, ‘Conflicts about property: ships and inheritances in Danzig and the Hanse region (15th-16th centuries)‘ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, workshop)

- May 2018, Prato conference of economic and social history, ‘Conflict managers
in medieval and early modern northern Europe: maritime networks of knowhow (1300-1600)
‘ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- January 2018, University College London, ‘Hanseatic Bureaucracy in Bergen (Norway): the use of copies in conflict management‘ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, invited lecture)