Invited lectures, attended and visited conferences, seminars, workshops

- July 2021 IMC Leeds ‘Managing Urban Conflicts over Distance: The Cases of Late Medieval Lübeck, Reval, and Stockholm’ (C. Manger, presentation)

- June 2021, Scientiae Conference, University of Amsterdam, “Professional Transitions and Practices of Knowledge Formation: Henry Oldenburg as Teacher, Diplomat, and Scientist” (A. Collin, presentation)

- June 2021 ACUH seminar series paper‘Councils and Kontore: Managing Hanseatic Conflicts from London to Tallinn in the Late Middle Ages’ at the ACUH-Seminar (presentation: E. Zoomer and C. Manger)

- May 2021, N.W.Posthumus Institute Conference, “In Search of Knowledge: How Early Modern Magistrates Pursued Information, Education, and the Limits of Knowledge” (A. Collin, presentation)

- May 2021 UvA online-workshop ‘Social, Legal and Emotional Aspects of Conflicts in Western Europe, 1300-1600.’ papers: 'Trust Issues: Reputation in Conflicts around Trade and Debt in Northern European Cities (c.1400-1550)’ (C. Manger, presentation)

- April 2021: CREMS postgraduate forum of the University of York ‘Division, Dispute and Debate in the Early Modern World, 1500-1750.’, paper: ‘The Competing Identities of Hanseatic City Councils: Managing Inter-Urban Conflicts in 16th Century Reval (Tallinn)’; (C. Manger, presentation),-debate-and-dispute/

- April 2021 MECERN paper: 'The Trader and the Emperor: Networks and Conflict Escalation in Late Medieval Northern Europe' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- March 2021, Frontier Research in Economic and Social History Seminar, University of Zurich, “Setting Standards: Portraiture, Elite Living Standards, and Economic Development in the Hanse” (A. Collin, presentation)

- March 2021, The Rise of Education in Historical Perspective, University of Groningen, “Hanseatic Education: From Medieval Merchants to Enlightenment Bourgeoisie” (A. Collin, presentation)

- March 2021 ESSHC paper: 'Agency, Mobility and Diplomacy: Hanseatic Conflict Managers during the Trade-war with England (c. 1469-1475)' (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- March 2021 ESSHC paper: 'Managing Conflicts in Late Medieval Urban Diplomacy. The Case of Scandinavian-Lübeckish Relations (ca. 1520-1540)' (C. Manger, presentation)

- March 2021 ARTES (University of Amsterdam) online public lecture 'The Hanse in Europe (13th - 21st century):a bridge across times and regions' (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- February 2021 Rules and Regulations, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Bristol (online); paper:  'Challenging rules of exclusivity and secrecy: the Hanseatic Kontor in London and conflicts related to Hanse membership regulations and economic privileges' (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- November 2020 RiMS Research in Medieval Studies. An International Meeting Series. Production and Commerce in Europe, 1100-1550, Porto, 26-27 November 2020 (zoom); organizers CITCEM, University of Porto, CHSC, University of Coimbra, IEM, FCSH-NOVA University of Lisbon) (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, session chair)

- October 2020, Bucerius Young Scholars Forum, German Historical Institute, “Migration, Knowledge, and Governance in Early Modern Bremen” (A. Collin, presentation)

- September and October 2020: organization of three webinars in cooperation with

- April 2020, MECERN (Medieval Central Europe Research Network) (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, E. Zoomer) (postponed due to Covid-19)

- March 2020, IISG. ESSHC 2020 Leiden, papers: Managing Conflicts in Late Medieval Urban Diplomacy. The Case of Scandinavian-Lübeckish Relations (ca.1520-1540) (C. Manger, presentation); Agency, Mobility and Diplomacy: Hanseatic Conflict Managers during the Trade-war with England (c.1469-1475) (E. Zoomer, presentation) (postponed due to Covid-19)

- February 2020, International Postgraduate Port and Maritime Studies Network, IPPMHC 2020 Belfast, paper: ‘Against any of the said merchants or men of the Hanse’: The Hanseatic merchant community and trading conflicts in late medieval London (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- January 2020, Graduate Conference for Intellectual History, European University Institute, “Acquiring Information, Assembling Knowledge: Vocabularies of Knowledge in the Early Correspondence of Henry Oldenburg” (A. Collin, presentation)

- November 2019, Nájera- Encuentros Internacionales del Medievo, 16th International Meetings of the Middle Ages, paper: Authority, agency and legal representation. The London Kontor and Hanseatic social-political actors involved in early chancery proceedings (E. Zoomer, presentation)

- October 2019, conference University of Cambridge/Fitzwilliam Museum; workshop: ‘New directions for technical art history’; paper: 'Premodern conflict management: sources disclosing connections through space, time and disciplines’ (J.Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- September 2019, University of Bergen/ University Museum of Bergen conference:  Bergen, Hanse und Kirchenkunst – Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte rund um die Nordsee (1150-1550); paper: ‘The art of Hanseatic conflict management’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- August 2019, Europäisches Hansemuseum Lübeck/Universität Kiel, Summerschool: ‘Tagfahrten im Vergleich. Hansetage im Kontext der politisch-kirchlichen Versammlungskulturen der Vormoderne’ (A. Collin, C. Manger, E. Zoomer, presentation)

- May 2019, Leiden University, conference: Conflict management in Atlantic the North Sea and the Baltic, 1200-1600: Actors, Institutions and Practices of Dispute Settlement, paper: ‘Law, diplomacy, blackmail: conflict management in the Hollandish salt ships case in Danzig (1564-1567)’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- March 2019, RSA (the Renaissance Society of America), Annual Meeting 2019 Toronto, conference: ‘Cultures of Bureaucracy’ (E. Zoomer, attendance)

- December 2018, University of Tampere, NOS-HS Workshop “The Hansa in the North”, ‘Conflict Management in the Late Medieval Baltic: The Cases of Lübeck, Stockholm and Reval (Tallinn). Introducing a New Project’ (C. Manger, presentation)

- November 2018, University of Cambridge, core seminar of social and economic history lecture, ‘Conflict management in northern Europe, 1350-1570, presentation of an analytical model and a new research project’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, invited lecture)

- October 2018, Roosevelt Institute for American Studies, Third Conference of New Diplomatic History Network (E. Zoomer, C. Manger, J. Wubs-Mrozewicz attendance)

- October 2018, Bruges, Ad Brudgias Portum. Bruges’ medieval port system as a maritime cultural landscape (E. Zoomer, attendance)

- September 2018, invited lecture on the Hanse for history teachers (250+) (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, knowledge utilization)

- September 2018, European Urban History Conference, ‘Legal Culture in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Town’ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, co-chair)

- May 2018, University of Aberdeen, ‘Conflicts about property: ships and inheritances in Danzig and the Hanse region (15th-16th centuries)‘ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, workshop)

- May 2018, Prato conference of economic and social history, ‘Conflict managers
in medieval and early modern northern Europe: maritime networks of knowhow (1300-1600)
‘ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, presentation)

- January 2018, University College London, ‘Hanseatic Bureaucracy in Bergen (Norway): the use of copies in conflict management‘ (J. Wubs-Mrozewicz, invited lecture)