Project participants and associates

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz (PI)

PI of the project.

Associate professor of medieval history at the University of Amsterdam.
Previously research, teaching and education at Leiden University, University of Groningen,
University of Oslo/ Centre for Viking and Nordic Medieval Studies,
École des hautes études en sciences sociales (Paris) and Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań).

Research interests: diverse approaches to conflict in historical and social sciences; trust; the Hanse; premodern northern Europe; premodern pragmatic literacy; premodern food history.

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Christian Manger

PhD candidate, University of Amsterdam

Previous education, research and teaching at the University of Cologne, Christian-Albrecht University of Kiel, University of Bremen and German Maritime Museum Bremerhaven.
Research interests: premodern urban history; premodern Scandinavia; the Hanse; political/diplomatic history


Ester Zoomer

PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam.

Previously editorial assistant for the International Review of Social History and BMGN-Low Countries Historical Review; communications & PR for the KNHG (Royal Netherlands Historical Society).
Bachelor and Master at University of Leiden (History, Europe 1000-1800).

Research interests: medieval and early modern Europe; urban diplomacy; merchant communities and networks; conflict studies; history of the Hanse.

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Alex Collin

PhD Candidate at the University of Amsterdam
Associate Member of the Project

Bachelor at King’s College, London (History) and Master at University of Cambridge (Early Modern History)

Research interests: interdisciplinary approaches to decision making and its history; urban politics; history, philosophy, and sociology of knowledge; trust; history of education; early modernity; history of the Holy Roman Empire

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