Programme of the early modern 'History in conflicts' webinar 28.01.2022

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz

The webinar starts at 13:00 (CET), through zoom. If you would like to join, please contact j.j.wubs-mrozewicz [at]


Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz: Introduction


1. Stuart Carroll: ‘Memorials and Conflict Resolution in Early Modern Europe.’
2. Jan Hennings: ‘Precedent, tradition, or history? The past as an argument in status conflicts.’

Short break


3. Lena Oetzel: ‘Peace as an argument in conflict I: The peace of Prague in the Westphalian peace negotiations.’
4. Dorothée Goetze: ‘Peace as an argument in conflict II: The peace treaties of Oliva and Alt-Ranstädt in the Swedish-Saxon dispute at the German Perpetual Diet.’

Longer break


5. Stephen Cummins: ‘Criminal pasts and conflict in the early modern Kingdom of Naples.’
6. Carlo Taviani: ‘Machiavelli and the Chimera. Financial Bubbles and Schemes in Early Eighteenth Century France.’
7. Marjolein Schepers: ‘Who belongs to the parish? Parish conflicts on household settlement status and access to poor relief in eighteenth-century Flanders and France.’

Short break


8. Shannon McSheffrey: ‘Documenting the London Evil May Day Riot, 1517.’
9. Gerard Wiegers: ‘Late 15th-century forced conversion to Christianity in Spain and a late 16th-century response.’
10. Hilde De Weerdt: ‘Recording and Anthologizing Personal, Communal, and Interstate Conflict in Late Imperial Chinese History.’

Short break


Conclusions and last round of discussion.

This webinar builds on the medieval meeting in June 2021: see the introduction and summaries of papers.

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