Salt Ships Case

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz

Visualization of the salt ships case

Based on the research published in:

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz and Alain Wijffels, “Diplomacy and Advocacy. The case of the King of Denmark v. Dutch Skippers before the Danzig City Council (1564–1567)” Tijdschrift Voor Rechtsgeschiedenis/Revue d’Histoire Du Droit/The Legal History Review 84, no. 1–2 (2016): 1–53.

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz, “Neutrality before Grotius: A City, a State and Seven Salt Ships in the Baltic (1564-1567),” Journal of Early Modern History 22, no. 6 (2018): 446–474.

Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz, “Witnessing the Sea: Testimonials of Seamen in the ‘Seven Salt Ships’ Case (1564–1567) as Sources for Maritime, Social, and Legal History,” International Journal of Maritime History 30, no. 4 (2018): 701–723.

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